Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food For The Hungry

Today I was blessed to be use by God to give food to some people who were hungry. I want to thank the members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church for making this possible. I could not have helped these people if there was not a Bethlehem Food Bank Ministry. Because of the Food Bank I was able to help a father of two who had no food in the house. I was able help a single mom who had no food in the house.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Man Was Shot and Killed Today--Did We Know Him?

Today a young man was shot and killed. The police have not released his identity yet. Whenever there is a story like this one I always wonder was this someone I knew and did I miss a chance extend to him God's offer of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. It is hard to get people to understand that God's offer of salvation does not stay on the table forever. I often ask folks what happens if you die before you accept God's offer; most people say that they are not sure what happens. I then tell them what the Bible say will happen to them. There should be more information on this shooting released soon--then I will know.

A Request For Bible Study

During a home visit today with a young single mother of three children she mention that she and and young single mother that I know want to get together with me to study the bible. She says that they can bring several other young women with them. I told her to call me tomorrow and we can set it up. We will see what happens.

A Request For Food

I had several telephone calls today from a woman whom I call on frequently, she was requesting some food from our Food Bank. This woman works; but the low hourly wages and the reduced hours of work means that she and her daugther does not have enough income to get through the month. I did not reach her today but I will try again tomorrow.

Lutheran Social Services of Indiana Board of Directors meeting

Today I attended the Lutheran Social Services of Indiana board of directors meeting it was a good meeting. The staff introduced plans for a new program called "Student Assistance Program (SAP) the program utilizes a multidisciplinary tean and intervention system to remove the educational and behavioralbarriers which interfere with student learning, and works to enhance the devlopmental assest of students. This sound like a great program that is, from my years of observations, badly needed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Friends of Christian Urban Ministries Inc.

This my first posting on "Elvis Netterville Urban Missionary" The purpose of this blog is to share with my readers my thoughts and activities as a missionary working in the innercity of Fort Wayne Indiana.