Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Heart

Once a week I help lead a substance abuse recovery class at the Allen County Jail in Fort Wayne Indiana. I told my student-inmates about my visit a few weeks ago to my cardiologist for my annual checkup. The doctor gave me an excellent report. He said that my heart was very healthy for a man my age. Of course he was only talking about my physical heart. But what about my spiritual heart?

My spiritual heart was at onetime in such bad shape that only God could heal it. But God chose not to rehabilitate my heart instead he created in me a "new heart" and a "new mind". He created in me the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. He gave me a heart and mind that will never die and one day He will give a body that will never die. For those reasons I am eternally grateful and will forever praise and thank Him.

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Craig Riggins said...

Your work with the inmates in the county jail is exemplary. It also is very much NEEDED. You are CHANGING lives every time you step into that facility. Keep up the good work!