Monday, March 5, 2012

What Is Your Life's Foundation--Bedrock Or Sand?

Tonight in my jail ministry we talked about the importance of building a life in jail and after jail on the solid foundation of obeying the Lord.
Luke 6:46-49 (GW)  Jesus Christ teaching his disciples said:

46 “Why do you call me Lord but don't do what I tell you?
47 “I will show you what everyone who comes to me, hears what I say, and obeys it is like.
48 He is like a person who dug down to bedrock to lay the foundation of his home. When a flood came, the floodwaters pushed against that house. But the house couldn't be washed away because it had a good foundation.
49 The person who hears {what I say} but doesn't obey it is like someone who built a house on the ground without any foundation. The floodwaters pushed against it, and that house quickly collapsed and was destroyed.”

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